Environmental Analysis Will Consider Various Height And Density Options

Download the Development Staff Memo on North Avenue Zoning.

Following many months of discussion and extensive community input, the City Council has launched a formal environmental review of potential zoning changes for the North Avenue corridor, between Eastchester Road and Burling Lane. Our intent is to stimulate beneficial investment and redevelopment, without detracting from the character of surrounding neighborhoods. All proposals for North Avenue include a basic increase in allowable height and density up to three stories and a floor-area-ratio (FAR) of 2.0. Beyond this base standard, we are also considering a floating zone that could be applied on large parcels at the Council’s sole discretion in exchange for pre-defined public goods. We will examine three maximum height and density options for such a floating zone: (a) nine stories with a 3.5 FAR; (b) seven stories with a 3.0 FAR; and (c) five stories with a 2.5 FAR. Earlier proposals for a twelve story maximum have been unanimously rejected by the City Council. This multi-tiered analysis will enable the Council and community to make a fully informed judgment at the conclusion of the environmental review process.