City Considers Storm and Sanitary Sewer Repairs

In the aftermath of last April’s severe flooding, the City commenced a detailed engineering analysis of our storm water and sanitary sewer systems, focusing on neighborhoods that have experienced chronic problems. This analysis was recently completed, and it identified eleven sites that require infrastructure improvements.

Read the full text of the DPW’s flood mitigation memo.

Not surprisingly, the total price tag for all the repairs is high: in excess of $10m, which is far more than the City can afford to allocate for this purpose in a single fiscal year. The Department of Public Works has, therefore, prioritized various projects into immediate, short-term, and long-term actions. These determinations are based on an assessment of threats to public health, readiness to proceed, and cost-to-benefit ratios. For some of the more expensive projects, cooperation with adjoining municipalities or outside financial assistance may be essential.

New Rochelle continues to lead efforts to establish a regional storm-water management district that could fund capital projects, maintenance and operations of our aging storm water system. Such a regional approach is, in my opinion, the only viable means of addressing this priority in a comprehensive, cost-effective fashion.