Moves On Green Building Program, Hires Sustainability Coordinator

Review the City staff’s Green Building Program memo.

As you know from previous bulletins, the City has taken several steps in recent years to promote environmental sustainability. This month, we made additional progress on this essential priority by embracing a green building program and hiring a Sustainability Coordinator to manage future environmental initiatives.

The green building program will, among other things, require energy-star appliances in new homes, provide for environmental input in the site plan and architectural review process, encourage water-conservation and re-use, and incorporate LEED standards in future development agreements. The Council and staff must now consider several specific legislative and administrative actions in order to implement these policies.

Our new (and first-ever) Sustainability Coordinator is Deborah Newborn, a New Rochelle resident with extensive experience as an environmental attorney and a passion for sustainability challenges. I expect her expertise will help the City to better incorporate environmental goals in our day-to-day activities, while also saving money through reduced energy costs.