Grant Will Fund Intensive Survey Of Neighborhood History and Architecture

The Sutton Manor neighborhood, located east of Echo Avenue and north of the municipal marina along Echo Bay, is exploring the possibility of becoming New Rochelle’s second historic district. Local historic districts preserve the character and architecture of an area by subjecting renovations and new construction to oversight from the City’s Historic and Landmarks Review Board. While such a process does modestly curtail private property rights, homeowners generally benefit in the form of higher property values. The experience of most property owners in our current historic district (Rochelle Heights/Rochelle Park) has been very positive.

In order to facilitate informed consideration of this possibility, the City this month accepted a grant from the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation to fund an intensive review of Sutton Manor’s history and building style. If you live in a neighborhood that might be eligible for historic designation and want to learn more, please contact the City’s Department of Development at 914-654-2185.