Work Set to Commence in Early 2009

The second phase of our North Avenue streetscape upgrade is ready to roll, with the unanimous selection of a contractor by the City Council. Following the well-received enhancement of the College District surrounding Iona, we plan similar improvements, including new sidewalks, trees, street furniture, paving, and so forth on the portion of North Avenue bounded by Fifth Avenue and the Thruway Overpass. In addition, two landscaped areas will be created at Hamilton Avenue and the Boulevard. This roughly $2m project is funded entirely by federal Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) that the City has banked for this purpose for several years. The only bad news: because a portion of the funding comes from our 2009 CDBG budget, federal Housing and Urban Development regulations do not permit us to commence work until that calendar year. We have to wait just a few more months to put a shovel in the ground.