Goal Is Efficiency and Cost-Savings

The New Rochelle City government and School District are independent entities with separate budgets, staff, and taxing authority. Nonetheless, we serve the same community and draw resources from the same taxpayers and, therefore, have a responsibility to work together in order to avoid duplication and achieve efficiencies.

To this end, the City and School District have agreed to establish a high-level staff-to-staff working group to review our services comprehensively and identify options for consolidation or joint action. This is not a new concept, and we have worked together previously on an ad hoc basis, but this will be the first (at least in my memory) thorough review of operations.

This process acquires particular importance in light of the weakening national economy and its probable impact on local budgets, so I am hopeful that recommendations will be in place in time for the City’s budget deliberations this December.