Council Concludes Environmental Review for New City Yard and Adopts Scoping Measure for Echo Bay Project

Two important hurdles related to the Echo Bay waterfront were cleared by the City Council.

Download the City Yard Findings Statement.

Download the Echo Bay Scoping Document.

First, we completed the environmental review for the proposed City Yard on Beechwood Avenue by approving a “findings statement” that deems the new site appropriate and describes mitigation measures for its impacts. Relocation of the current City Yard on East Main Street is necessary in order to modernize and consolidate our aging public works infrastructure and to open the six-acre parcel to appropriate waterfront redevelopment. It is important to note that some issues raised by the public about the new City Yard will be addressed in the upcoming design phase for the facility.

Second, we adopted a “scoping document” that launches the environmental review for the Echo Bay waterfront itself. The purpose of a scoping document is to identify the various issues, concerns, benefits, and costs that must be thoroughly assessed prior to the approval of major projects. The environmental review for Echo Bay is expected to take approximately eighteen months. There will continue to be formal and informal opportunities for public comment during this period.