Recommendations: Berkell, Jacobs, Reddington — Yes on Budgets & Proposition #1

Next Tuesday, May 20th, New Rochelle residents have an opportunity to vote on our local School and Library budgets and also to elect School and Library Trustees. In case you are interested, my recommendations follow.

There are three excellent candidates running for two positions on the Library Board. I strongly support Kelly Berkell and Quentin Jacobs, both of whom have an impressive record of involvement in New Rochelle’s civic life and a demonstrated commitment to library services. I have worked closely with Kelly and Quentin on various initiatives and can attest personally to their skill and dedication.

For the School Board, Mary Jane Reddington is running unopposed for a sixth term. She has been among New Rochelle’s leading citizens for most of her adult life and is fiercely devoted to public education.

Catie and I will vote yes on the School and Library budgets. In addition, we will support Proposition #1, which authorizes our School District to obtain State funding for capital improvements — at no net cost to local property taxpayers. Quality schools and libraries are pillars of a healthy community, and adoption of these budgets is important to our future. Lastly, it should be noted that our Schools and Library are very efficient, with a cost-to-service ratio among the best in Westchester County.