Combine Virtues of Public Art, Practical Function

BICI by Ignacio Ciocchini

After reviewing submissions from multiple artists and industrial designers, the City has selected two winning bicycle rack models. Initially, the racks will be placed at two sites to gauge public use and reaction. Installation will then be expanded to key locations throughout New Rochelle, including parks, downtown nodes, and the train station — ideally with private funding where appropriate. The bike racks will serve the dual purpose of encouraging bicycle use and promoting public art.

The first model, “BICI,” by noted industrial designer Ignacio Ciocchini, has an urban sensibility and features an iconic spinning wheel. It is expected that this model will be employed in the downtown and in other urban settings. The second model, by local artist Sarah Baehr, has a more whimsical quality, and will be used primarily in areas attractive to children, like certain parks and the Huguenot Children’s Library. Both models will be entirely unique to New Rochelle and will help enliven our streetscape.