Five New Neighborhoods Slated For “Down-Zoning”

As you may know from previous bulletins, the City has worked to limit and control growth outside our primary commercial areas, with the goal of preserving the character and scale of our neighborhoods.

This week the Council reviewed a proposal to reduce the allowable development density in five portions of the south end: (1) Fort Slocum Road, Keogh Lane, and Nautilus Place; (2) the northwesterly area of Circuit Road; (3) a portion of Meadow Lane near Willow Drive; (4) John Street, Bayard Street, Woodbury Street, Allard Avenue, Villus Avenue, and Russell Avenue; and (5) portions of Elm Street, Spruce Street, St. Joseph Street, and Drake Avenue. These areas would be “down-zoned” from their current multi-family status to two-family, which is consistent with their actual land use patterns today.

A public hearing on this subject will occur on March 11th, and, barring unexpected public opposition, I anticipate that the Council will adopt these changes shortly thereafter.