I strongly and enthusiastically support Hillary Clinton for President. Please join me in voting for Senator Clinton in New York’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, February 5th.

In my opinion, Senator Clinton possesses a depth of experience, clear understanding of public policy, exceptional work ethic, leadership skills, and proven record of accomplishment that set her head and shoulders above the competition. She is best positioned to make positive and urgently-needed changes in our country and world from the moment she assumes the Presidency.

Prior to becoming First Lady, Hillary Clinton was already well-known as an advocate for families and children. For eight years in the White House, she played a critical role in her husband’s Administration, learning from both its successes and failures. Now, as a United States Senator and member of the Armed Services Committee, Hillary Clinton has earned deep respect on both sides of the aisle as an effective “work horse” who masters issues and understands how to forge alliances to achieve progress.

During her Presidential campaign, Senator Clinton has outlined detailed plans to expand economic opportunity, reform our health care system, combat global climate change, and rebuild America’s reputation in the world. You can read more about Senator Clinton’s positions and goals on her website at http://hillaryclinton.com/issues/.

On a personal note, I have had the opportunity to observe Senator Clinton and to work with her and her staff on multiple occasions and, in each instance, have been enormously impressed by her focus, intelligence, and warmth. She has been an effective advocate for New York and New Rochelle, who has earned the confidence and trust of constituents in our state. I very much hope that our community will deliver a strong and well-deserved margin to Senator Clinton on February 5th.

The competition for the Democratic nomination this year has been unusually impressive, maybe the strongest field of candidates in my lifetime. Senator Obama has an electric quality that is very rare, genuinely inspiring, and matched to a powerful intellect. I hope and expect that he will become President one day. And if he secures the nomination this year, he will receive my enthusiastic support.

But Hillary Clinton combines many of Obama’s best qualities with a degree of preparation for the difficult responsibilities of the Presidency that is simply unmatched. She is better qualified at this moment to make the changes that our nation wants and deserves.