New Program Helps Improve Traffic Safety and Limit Speed in Neighborhoods

Last December, the City Council approved an innovative new Traffic Calming Program that, for the first time, authorizes the use of speed humps, islands, and other structural changes that have proven effective in reducing traffic speed. Then we invited neighborhoods to tell us where the problems were most severe by submitting applications for traffic calming measures.

In response, we received eight applications, each of which was evaluated and scored by our professional staff and consultants using objective criteria.

This week, we announced the two neighborhoods that received the highest scores. The first of these neighborhoods, surrounding New Rochelle High School, is severely impacted by school-related traffic. The other, Paine Avenue, features a long, wide, straight road that lends itself to frequent speeding.

In the months ahead, our professional staff will work with neighbors to develop a specific regimen of structural, regulatory, and other change which should alter driver behavior and create a safer environment for all.

It is my hope and expectation that this innovative program will be renewed next year and in the future, so that those neighborhoods which missed the cut in this first round may still benefit. We also invite submissions from additional areas that may not have opted to apply this time around.

You can download a traffic calming application HERE.