Funding Approved for Comprehensive Study and Implementation

Our downtown has changed dramatically in recent years. New investment has stimulated a boom in housing, entertainment, and restaurants, together with enhancements in the physical appearance and environment of the central business district. These improvements create a fresh opportunity for New Rochelle to pursue the missing piece of the puzzle: new quality retail.

In order to better pursue this goal, the City Council voted unanimously this week to fund a retail recruitment program that includes a comprehensive analysis of market conditions and demands, regional demographics, the physical characteristics of existing and planned properties, and the requirements of specific retailers and retail sectors. This information will be distilled into a specific action plan that will enable the City to take a proactive role in recruiting quality retailers for both new and old spaces in our downtown.

There are no guarantees — the City is not a commercial landlord and cannot negotiate leases, but this strategy is intended to maximize our chances of success and hasten the day when New Rochelle residents can shop with convenience and pride in their own community.