Proposed Zoning Will Limit Development In Three Neighborhoods — More To Come

While economic growth and development are essential in our downtown and primary commercial districts, limitations on growth are essential to preserving the character of our neighborhoods. To achieve the latter objective, the City has increased minimum lot sizes in many single-family districts, applied an open space zone to several hundred acres, and adopted new restrictions on town house design.

We are now entering a new phase of this ongoing process by down-zoning, that is limiting the development potential, of several multi-family districts. This week, the City Council considered and set a public hearing date in October for more restrictive zoning in the Sycamore Park, East End, and City Park areas. We expect additional neighborhoods to be considered in the months ahead.

This effort was greatly aided by a Citizen Advisory Committee that has worked in concert with our professional planning staff to identify areas where the zoning map is inconsistent with predominant housing characteristics.