Inter-Municipal Partnership Aims To Prevent and Mitigate Flooding

The severe flooding that impacted our region this past Spring dramatized the need for a coordinated regional approach to invest in infrastructure, promote environmentally-sensitive development, and enhance our maintenance of storm water lines.

For several years, New Rochelle has taken a leadership role as the largest community in LISWIC — the Long Island Sound Watershed Inter-Municipal Council. This week, the City Council unanimously adopted a resolution endorsing the recommendations of a recent LISWIC report that outlines a specific organizational and budgetary framework, including a governing body that would guide operations, maintenance, and capital investments. Our sister municipalities are simultaneously considering companion legislation.

Although many additional hurdles must be overcome before a storm water district can be fully established, this is a significant step forward and an excellent example of regional cooperation to address a growing problem. You can read the Executive Summary of LISWIC’s storm water district report HERE.