Rapid Removal Aims To Enhance Quality of Life, Promote Safety

The City has adopted a new policy for the rapid, consistent removal of graffiti, aimed at improving the quality of life in all of New Rochelle. We will now remove all graffiti on public property within forty-eight hours of our learning about it, and issue violations for graffiti on private property, also within forty-eight of notification.

The message is simple and clear: don’t bother defacing property in New Rochelle, because we will erase it quickly and without exceptions. The benefits of this new policy are obvious: a community that is cleaner and more attractive, neighborhoods that are more livable, and commercial areas that are more inviting to shoppers.

I also happen to believe strongly in the broken windows theory, which suggests that addressing physical conditions helps prevent the emergence of serious criminal activity. This new policy is, therefore, a proactive means of ensuring that New Rochelle continues to be safe and secure.

If you see graffiti, please let us know by calling the City Manager’s office at 654-2140.