An Important Request & Invitation from Mayor Noam Bramson

Dear Friends,
As you may know from extensive media coverage, New Rochelle experienced a significant disturbance last Sunday night in and around the New Roc City entertainment center. Today, I and other City officials are holding a press conference to discuss specific actions aimed at restoring public confidence in the safety and security of New Roc and the surrounding area. A full copy of my prepared remarks follows below, and it makes clear the seriousness with which we view this episode.
I am writing to you now with a request and an invitation.
Tomorrow night, Saturday April 14th, my wife Catie and I are going to the movies at New Roc City. (Blades of Glory at 8:15pm, in case you are wondering.) And we invite you to join us. If not that movie, then another movie — any movie — at any time in the evening. Or enjoy dinner. Or go bowling.
Please join us in taking action to affirm our confidence in New Rochelle. Let’s demonstrate together that we won’t allow anyone to keep us from enjoying all that our city has to offer, free from fear or concern, and that we won’t let anyone else define who we are as a community. Let’s make clear, right away, for anyone who doubts it, that New Rochelle is a healthy, vibrant, diverse community of people who value families, respect their neighbors, and believe in their future.
You can purchase movie tickets through
This is a moment when New Rochelle must come together, and I would be grateful for your help. See you at the movies.
Most sincerely,
Noam Bramson
P.S. Please forward this email to everyone on your list, and encourage friends and family to join us. Let’s make this a real community-wide effort. Thank you!