Text and Video Available On-Line

On March 8th, I had the pleasure of delivering my second State of the City Address. The speech focused primarily on the planning challenges associated with sustainable growth, while also highlighting significant achievements during the past year and profiling individuals and families impacted by civic policies and initiatives. In the speech’s key passage, I argued that to achieve progress during the years ahead, we must “manage growth wisely: so it lends cultural and economic vitality to our city’s core, so its impacts are limited and controlled in our city’s neighborhoods, so it enhances the health and beauty of our environment, and so its benefits are fully linked to the lives of all of our citizens.” If you are interested, the full text of my address can be read HERE. In addition, you can view a video of the forty-five minutes speech on the City’s website HERE. (From the homepage, scroll down and click on the “State of the City” box just underneath my photograph.)