Eileen Songer McCarthy Departing, Angela Taylor Arriving

For the past year, Eileen Songer McCarthy has been my partner in the Mayor’s office, offering critical advice and assistance on matters ranging from policy development, to communications, to scheduling, to office administration. Eileen has played a key role in every positive step we have taken (my occasional missteps have generally resulted from a failure to heed Eileen’s advice.) Eileen has also been, and remains, a dear friend, valued as much for her kindness as for her competence and judgment. Recently, Eileen accepted an exciting offer at the Westchester County Clerk’s office, in a new position that will permit her to more fully express her talents. Although I am very sorry to lose Eileen, this is an outstanding opportunity for her, and she has my full support.

Saying good-bye to Eileen is the bad news. The good news is that my new assistant, beginning at the end of this year, will be Angela Taylor. Angela brings a wealth of community and professional experience to the job. She is currently the President of the Partnership for the Huguenot Children’s Library, and she has also been very active in the New Rochelle PTA and League of Women Voters. In addition to being an extraordinary and energetic organizer, Angela also has a rich understanding of our city and a wonderful, perceptive way with people of all kinds. I feel very fortunate that Angela has consented to join me, and I know that she will immediately become a key member of the City team.