Public Hearings Scheduled for November 14th at 8:00pm.

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the appearance of our community and to protect the character of neighborhoods, the City Council is considering zoning changes to enhance the architectural review of new construction and to more rigorously control townhouse development. The essential components of the proposed changes are as follows:

Architectural Review: The Planning Board would be given authority to approve, modify, or reject site plans based on its review of architectural merit. A panel of architects, paid for by the proceeds of applicant fees, but hired independently by the City, would first review plans and make recommendations. This process has already been employed successfully on an informal basis with several of our larger projects and holds great promise for the encouragement of higher quality design in our community. The full text of the proposed zoning change is HERE.

Townhouse Development: Townhome projects would be subjected to far more rigorous standards relating to lot size, setbacks, orientation to the road, elevations, and architectural compatibility with their surroundings. The overall goal of the legislation is to ensure that townhomes are constructed only in appropriate locations and in a manner that complements and enhances the neighborhoods around them. This proposal was generated in concert with a citizens’ panel and is likely to be adopted as our current moratorium on townhome development expires. The full text of this proposed zoning change is HERE.