Proposes Capital Improvements & Administrative Reorganization

As New Rochelle’s downtown grows, it is essential that we have a sufficient supply of well-managed, attractive, and safe public parking. The City Council has already taken several steps to accomplish this objective, including reserving the first level of the new Avalon garage for public use and planning for a net increase of 140 new public parking spaces in conjunction with the Church-Division development.

Last month, the City received a detailed, block-by-block analysis of our public parking assets, accompanied by recommendations for improving and expanding our parking stock. Among the proposals now being reviewed by our staff for potential Council action are: enhancing the aesthetics of our public parking areas, installing “smart” meters with wi-fi technology, increasing on-street limits from one to two hours, adding sixty on-street parking spaces, and upgrading the technology of multi-space meters at the New Rochelle Transit Center. The costs associated with such improvements are proposed to be recaptured through more efficient enforcement and through adjustment of permit rates to conform with regional standards. A summary of the Comprehensive Parking Study can be viewed HERE.