Watch Cable Channel 75 on June 27th and 29th at 7:00pm

As you may know from previous bulletins, the City is planning to make dramatic changes on the Echo Bay waterfront. During the next few years, existing industrial and storage uses will be relocated to make way for an attractive new shoreline featuring a waterfront promenade, green space, housing, and shops. Next week, the City Council will hold two special meetings during which the four teams competing for the opportunity to develop Echo Bay will make presentations outlining their vision. Those interested are encouraged to watch the meetings on Cable Channel 75. The meeting details are as follows:

Tuesday, June 27th and Thursday, June 29th


Cable Channel 75

(The meetings will be rebroadcast several times during the weekend of July 1st.)

Based on these presentations and subsequent review by our City planning staff, the City Council will select a single finalist who will work us to improve our waterfront. Of course, it is essential that the evolving project details be guided by and consistent with public input, and there will be many opportunities for public comment as the planning process moves forward. Our goal is to commence construction in 2009.