BID Initiative Is First Free Wireless Network In Westchester

Using technology to improve our economy and quality of life, New Rochelle will become the first community in the southern Hudson Valley region to launch a WiFi network. The network, spearheaded by the Business Improvement District, will provide free wireless Internet access to business owners, shoppers, students and residents in much of the City’s central business district and at the Transit Center. Using this new service, it will be possible to access email and the world wide web while sitting in cafes, relaxing in library green, or waiting for a train. In addition, a special Internet kiosk will be established at the Metro North station. Funded by the Empire State Development Corporation and by Metro North, the New Rochelle Wi-Fi Network was designed by and is being constructed by Wireless Edge, a New Rochelle-based company. Corporate sponsors are Avalon on the Sound, New Roc City, and Monroe College. A short article about this initiative can be viewed at: