Dear Friends,
On January 3rd, I had the great honor of being sworn in as the Mayor of New Rochelle. In the days since, I have been settling in to my new surroundings at City Hall and becoming better acquainted with the responsibilities of the office. I feel very privileged to work alongside a City Council and staff whom I like and respect, and I am excited about the challenges we will face together.
In the weeks ahead, I intend to have a conversation with the people of New Rochelle through one-on-one meetings with leaders, discussions with civic organizations, frequent appearances on the radio and television, and personal visits to neighborhoods. It will be my goal to establish a relationship of trust and openness with every part of our community, so that the priorities we pursue in City Hall will be consistent with the hopes and expectations of the people we represent.
In the meantime, I want to renew my practice of sending updates to friends and constituents. This first edition of my e-newsletter as Mayor includes new contact information, a few scheduling notes, brief updates about public affairs, and some happy personal news at the very end. Future bulletins will resume their primary focus on public policy.
As always, I welcome questions and comments. Please also feel free to drop by the Mayor’s office, where I plan on maintaining an open-door policy.
Warmest regards,