Dear Friends,
This month’s update will likely be my last as a City Council Member. Yesterday, my colleagues on the Council announced that they had chosen me to serve as Mayor of New Rochelle, taking the place of Tim Idoni, who was elected last month to the position of Westchester County Clerk. The appointment will become official in early January, and you will soon receive an invitation to an inaugural ceremony. I am excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead, and will do my very best to serve our entire city well.
In case you are interested, the text of a press release on this subject and of my statement following the Council’s announcement are below.
Although I do not yet know the form and manner in which my future news bulletins will be written and distributed, it is my goal to continue providing information concerning civic issues on a regular basis. Of course, I will also continue to welcome comments and suggestions from you. Indeed, I will need your advice and assistance more than ever.
If I am a little slower than usual in responding to phone calls and emails during the next few weeks, it is because I will be immersed in transition planning and because Catie and I are expecting the birth of our second child any day now. I ask your forgiveness in advance.
Catie and I send our best for a happy and healthy holiday season. And we look forward to an eventful 2006.
Warmest regards,