Tim Idoni, the Democratic candidate for Westchester County Clerk, has been my friend and colleague for ten years, and I feel very strongly that he has earned election to this important County-wide post.
I have seen firsthand Tim’s deep commitment to public service and exceptional work ethic. As Mayor, Tim has led successful efforts to revitalize New Rochelle’s downtown, protect our environment, and streamline government. He has had a direct role in overseeing the City’s 640-person workforce and $100 million budget. Prior to serving as Mayor, Tim was a municipal manager and a not-for-profit housing executive, demonstrating energy and integrity in each position. In my opinion, Tim’s qualifications are far broader and deeper than those of his opponent.
Also in contrast to his opponent, who has run a harshly negative and misleading campaign, Tim has outlined specific, achievable plans for improving the Clerk’s Office, including initiatives related to technological enhancement and consumer protection. He is firmly committed to hiring only qualified professionals and ending the harmful practice of political patronage.
Tim Idoni is probably better prepared for the challenges of County leadership than any candidate for Clerk in Westchester’s history. He deserves our support on November 8th, and I would be grateful if you would consider casting your ballot for him.