Each year, the federal government provides New Rochelle with a roughly $2 million Community Development Block Grant (CDBG.) The amount of the grant is determined by formula, and federal rules restrict its usage to economic development, job creation, improvement of public facilities, social services, and other related purposes. The City Administration has presented the Council with a draft budget for the 2006 CDBG allocation. Among its notable line-items are: (1) $575,000 for the continuation of the North Avenue Streetscape Program, specifically for the portion of North Avenue from Fifth Avenue to the Memorial Highway overpass; (2) $50,000 for a matching grant program to enhance signage and awnings in commercial areas; and (3) $285,000 for a variety of social service objectives such as after-school programming for youngsters, English language instruction for new Americans, and nutritional support for the needy. A full copy of the proposed CDBG budget can be obtained from the Department of Development at 654-2185.