Parcel 1A Tower May Be City’s Tallest

The Cappelli Organization has asked the City to amend our develop agreement for Parcel 1A to increase the maximum height of the planned residential tower from 320 feet to 390 feet. While I have no objection to additional height at this location per se, I do believe that a tower of such prominence ought to have architectural distinctiveness and quality. Current plans call for a rather boxy, undistinguished structure. During our Council discussion of this subject, I made clear that my vote on the requested height change would be conditioned on an improved building design. I am happy to report that representatives of the Cappelli Organization appeared agreeable to this suggestion.

North Avenue Business Promotion Group Formed

While waiting for construction of the new North Avenue streetscape to commence (probably this Spring), the Department of Development has been working with North Avenue property owners to develop a not-for-profit umbrella group that can enhance the local business environment. Similar to a business improvement district, except with voluntary instead of mandatory contributions, this group will attempt to coordinate capital investments and promotional activities. Among the early efforts will be an awning and signage program, aimed at improving the North Avenue corridor’s appearance. I am hopeful that this effort, combined with the multi-million dollar public investment planned during the next couple of years, will achieve the dramatic change North Avenue desperately needs.