Art Screen Coming to Regal Cinemas

Through the persuasive efforts of elected officials and arts advocates in New Rochelle and Larchmont, Regal Cinemas has agreed to begin showing art and independent films on one of its screens. The preliminary plan calls for two showings every Sunday, with the selection of films changing every two weeks. A committee of local film buffs and experts will help Regal program the screen during the course of the year. The showing of art and independent films will likely begin this Spring and will add an important new dimension to our downtown’s cultural offerings.

Artists‚ Housing

A vibrant arts community can add energy and creativity to an urban area. New Rochelle already has several loft-style apartments — Knickerbocker, Medialoft, and Davenport — but we should work to create other appropriate housing opportunities. At the City Council’s urging, the Department of Development will soon convene a task force to examine the economic, marketing, and building code challenges associated with attracting more artists to New Rochelle. I strongly support this effort and believe it will complement the primary thrust of our economic development activities downtown.

Playgroup Theater Coming to Wildcliff

The City has selected The Play Group Theatre (PGT) to be our new partner in the renovation, management, and programming of Wildcliff Manor. PGT is a professionally managed organization with strong community roots and a track record of success. Among the activities planned by PGT are a full day summer arts camp, performances for family audiences, theater classes, summer theater in Hudson Park, creation of an art gallery, and acappella performances in the Hudson Park band shell. PGT expects also to invite other arts and theater groups to sponsor professional performances throughout the year. Finally, Wildcliff will undergo a historically-appropriate rehabilitation, restoring its former grandeur and creating space appropriate for catered events. The lion’s share of funding for these efforts comes from the sale of a nearby single-family home, with proceeds dedicated to Wildcliff’s improvement.