The City is considering an increase in the minimum lot size for portions of residential areas currently zoned R1-10 and R1-7.5. Several properties in these zones have been the subject of subdivision applications which, while consistent with the standards of the current zoning map, plainly conflict with the predominant character of the neighborhoods in which they are sited. On November 30th, the City Council adopted a 120 day moratorium on new subdivisions within these zones, providing our planning staff with the time to perform a detailed analysis of lot size patterns. Based on a preliminary review, it is likely that most or all of the Beechmont, Forest Heights, Paine Heights, and Wykagyl Park neighborhoods will be recommended for upzoning from the current minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet to a higher minimum lot size of 15,000 square feet. Of course, any such change will be preceded by public notice and a public hearing.