(Review by Kathy Gilwit, Courtesy of New Rochelle City Soundings)

Think "Mexican pizza" and what comes to mind? Glorified tacos? Bogus Italian fare? "Hot, spicy and peppery," as my family answered? Not so, on all accounts. La Herradura Mexican Pizza Restaurant, on Main Street according to owner Benjamin Meza, is the only restaurant in Westchester that serves pizza "the way it’s done in Mexico".

Passing it almost daily in our travels up Main Street, and having heard good reviews from three different friends, we finally stopped in on a Tuesday night to see for ourselves. Bright and warm colors accentuating wood, stone and tile, and authentic wall hangings tastefully arranged gave the interior a rustic charm and the cozy feel of a family dining room. The decorations were imported from Mexico, as were the dishes, the sunburst tiles adorning the tables and the ceramic casserole dishes cleverly turned into lampshades over each dining area. (Even the bathrooms were impressive, with a deep blue ceramic bowl sink basin, matching mirror and a cactus-tiled countertop.)

Having worked in a traditional pizza restaurant for more than 10 years, Meza got the idea to open his own restaurant a few years ago after a fruitless-and countywide-search for a Mexican restaurant that served pizza like from back home. "I know Mexican pizza, and what was sold was not real Mexican pizza," he explained, describing tostadas and tortillas that were topped with sauce, meat and cheese a la Taco Bell.

In contrast, his pizza boasts a thin crust, a layer of beans, and unique medleys of toppings of meats, cheeses and vegetables. "Pizza Mexicana" features beans, charbroiled steak, nopales (cactus pads), and onions, and "Pizza al Pastor" has pork and pineapple. All Mexican pizzas have a center of guacamole and pico de gallo, a relish of chopped tomatoes, jalapeno, onions and cilantro. Italian pizzas are available too, with both traditional Italian and Mexican toppings.

In addition to pizza, La Herradura serves popular Mexican dishes including nachos, quesados, fajitas, burritos and salads, as well as the American standby, Hamburger Deluxe. American and Mexican sodas, traditional and imported beers, and margaritas, pina coladas, sangria and tequila make for a well-rounded beverage menu. There’s a Kids Menu as well.

We ordered Nacho chips, Quesados and Fajitas La Herradura in addition to the Mexican Pizza. Our food was delicious, beautifully presented and the portions were generous.

"Once they come in, they return," says Meza of his customers. My husband promised this would be true of our family as well.

563 Main Street
Lunch & dinner daily.
Free delivery with $15 minimum order.