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New Rochelle Farmers Market Returns

Cutting the ribbon for the New Rochelle Farmers Market

Enjoy fresh produce, baked goods, seafood, and other specialty items at the New Rochelle Farmers Market, every Friday from 9:00am to 2:00pm by Thomas Paine Cottage, at North Avenue and Broadview.  I picked up my weekly fix of pickles and olives at the ribbon-cutting, along with some fresh cinnamon donuts that (maybe) I will share with the kids.

Groundhog Pup

A bumper crop of baby critters around our house this spring.  First, the robins that hatched and fledged just outside our front door, now this adorable groundhog pup, seen here nuzzling its mother, that pays frequent visits to our backyard.  The pup will be independent at about 2 months of age, which, considering the counter-example of my teenage sons, is hard to comprehend.

Frustration on Guns

Today’s NY Times accurately captures the sense of frustration felt by mayors across the country, as we grapple with escalating gun violence in the absence of effective federal action.  While Governor Hochul and the NYS Legislature are doing good work, many of the policy failures that put guns in the wrong hands are national in scope and require a national approach.  Despite strong advocacy from the Biden Administration, the political impediments in Congress seem overwhelming, with only minimal measures under serious discussion.  The United States is the only industrialized nation with an epidemic of mass shootings — guns are the reason.  There is no issue which better illustrates the capacity of a motivated, well-organized minority to trample over the clear interests and preferences of the great majority of Americans.

Celebrating Pride at City Hall

I am very grateful to live in a community where all people are encouraged to be their true, best selves, and where we lift up our neighbors, friends, and colleagues with respect and love.  The Pride Flag and the other Pride symbols in place today at New Rochelle City Hall affirm these important values, while also celebrating the enormous contributions made by LGBTQ residents to our whole city.

Another Great Business Opens

Mayor Noam Bramson, Hair House Owner Dana Fiore, Council Member Martha Lopez, and American Icon Katie Couric

Very glad to welcome another terrific business to our growing downtown: Hair House, a boutique salon with a devoted clientele, including Katie Couric, who was on hand for the opening celebration.  Dana Fiore, the founder and owner, moved her thriving business from its previous location in the Bronx, and is already enjoying even greater success here in New Rochelle.  And as the first commercial tenant at the base of the new apartment building at 360 Huguenot Street, Hair House sets an excellent standard for more openings to come.

New Rochelle is Fastest-Growing City in New York State

The Census Bureau’s most recent population estimates show that New Rochelle has grown by about 2% since the 2020 census, for a total of 81,587 residents.  That’s the fastest growth of any city in New York State!  While the estimates are not broken down by address, it seems likely that our local growth is driven primarily by the very strong demand for downtown housing, with most new buildings leasing up ahead of projections.

New Rochelle Observes Memorial Day

It was a great honor to participate this morning in New Rochelle’s observance of Memorial Day, as our community paid tribute to the members of the United States armed forces who gave their lives in service to country.  Here are my remarks.  Sincere thanks to the Veterans Advisory Committee to organizing today’s ceremony and to all who attended.

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