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Get Your Flu Shot

Got my flu shot today at the Stop and Shop pharmacy – a simple, but important, way to protect yourself, your family, and your community.  Thank you to the team at Stop and Shop for working to encourage good health.  And please remember to get your flu shot from your own doctor or pharmacy.

Climate Ready Webinar on September 21

New Rochelle is tackling the challenges of climate change head on. Join us for a webinar on September 21 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm to learn about Climate Ready NR, an ongoing assessment of our community’s climate vulnerabilities and opportunities to improve resilience.  Please also take this survey to help ensure your perspective and experience inform our city’s climate strategies.

New Ro Street Fair on September 10

The New Rochelle Street Fair returns on Sunday, September 10 from 11:00am to 5:00pm on North Avenue and Hamilton Avenue by City Hall.  Join thousands of neighbors for a fun-filled day featuring live performances, giant inflatables, great food, a beer garden, and much more.

Backpack Giveaway on Saturday

The City of New Rochelle, in collaboration with local community organizations, will host a Summer Sendoff event this Saturday afternoon at Ruby Dee Park on Library Green.  A great way to get ready for the school year, the Summer Sendoff will feature a free backpack giveaway for youngsters, as well as lots of fun activities.  Many thanks to the City departments, service agencies, and community leaders who have partnered to bring this event together.

View of a Growing City

Two photos spliced together from an upper floor window at 1 Clinton Park.  I’m a mediocre photographer at best, so the images don’t quite align, but still: what a view!  And this is only one north-facing wedge of a rapidly changing cityscape.  It will take more time for all the components of our downtown plan to gel, construction to conclude, and street-level activity to pop, but New Rochelle has made extraordinary progress.

Empty Nesters

Owen Bramson at Syracuse University

An emotional and action-packed weekend for our little family.  Catie and I dropped off Jeremy at Tufts on Sunday and then Owen at Syracuse yesterday, where he is beginning his freshman year.  Now, we are waking up to an eerily quiet house and a new chapter of our lives.  Lots of tears, but even more pride and gratitude.

New Rochelle in the Wall Street Journal

An excellent article in the Wall Street Journal focusing on New Rochelle’s state-leading growth and investment, and highlighting our innovative and self-evidently successful economic development strategy.  It is always gratifying for our community to be cited as a positive model on a regional or national basis.  (Even if the photo of me, looking enraged for some reason, is kinda bizarre.)

Stay Cool

You don’t need me to tell you: it’s hot out there.  Be sure to take sensible precautions, stay inside in an air-conditioned space to the extent possible, hydrate regularly, and look out for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Climate change is unquestionably impacting the frequency and severity of extreme weather events.  So this is an opportune moment to remind residents to participate in our Climate Ready NR survey.  Help ensure that New Rochelle is resilient, strong, and equitable.

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